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I sent feelers out in a bunch of directions today in trying to get copies of actual marriage certificates for some ancestors. One place will do the legwork and photocopy stuff for $10 a pop. I gave them 4 marriages and now I will wait and see what happens with that.

I found a searchable online database for the largest cemetery in Quebec – happens to be in Montreal. I got some results for both Oligny and Saurette, but not for people that I can readily find in my data collections.

Quebec just doesn’t make it easy to send away for stuff over the internet. I need to take a few days and visit the area and get some “on the ground” eyes for pictures, etc. I’m anxious to visit St. Remi sometime.

Oh, I ordered 2 CDs of 1910 U.S. Census materials today also. One CD is just for MA and the other is called Canadians in the 1910 census – so that’ll be neat to look at. In addition, I ordered microfilm of the Canadian census of 1891 for a bunch of towns including St. Remi. Joseph Oligny was born in 1891, so I’m hoping to find his family in there before they came to the U.S.

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