Photographs Added

Today I took some digital photographs of some documents that I have in my possession – my great-grandfather’s death certificate and his Declaration of Intention for Naturalization. You can find these on the main site under Joseph. I have Almeric Saurette’s declaration as well, so I hope to have that up soon as his is the next biography I have to write.

Today, I received from my father some more official documents to add to my growing collection. He sent me his father’s baptismal certificate. This took place in Massachusetts, but the document is in French. It shed some more light on things, but didn’t really add any new information.

I also submitted my site to some genealogical sites on the web so that others can hopefully find their way to and take advantage of my information. I am having a really fun time getting things updated almost daily. I’m sure I’ll hit a dry spurt some time in the not-so-distant future. I guess when that happens, the Saurette pages will get written! Oh yeah!

Quick addenda – I updated the button bar to include the ‘Weblog’ portion to make it easy to get here. Since I’ve decided to keep the blog, I figured I better make it easier for people to access.

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