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I’m always surprised to find more connections in my family tree. I got an email the other day from a person who wanted some help with her research. Her line touches the Saurette line via a Sophie Saurette. I could not figure out who she was, but once I was able to look on my parish CD, I found the marriage record. That should have cleared it all up, except Sophie’s fater, Pierre, was married to a Anastasie Ouimet. I have plenty of Pierre Saurette’s in my database, but none were married to a Ouimet. So I started to wonder if this Pierre was a new Saurette that I had to find and fit in somehow. After spending a couple hours searching and pondering, I finally emailed a message to the Quebec research mailing list.

BAM – this AM I got an email from a user of that list who told me that Pierre Saurette was a widow when he married Anastasie Ouimet. Pierre’s first wife was Sophie Parent. Bingo! I have that couple in my database and the dates jive for the second marriage. Once I had that connection, I was able to then add a bunch of Ouimet marriages to my collection via the PRDH.

Many thanks to those who add to my collection and head me off in other directions than I would normally look on my own.

Oh, I ordered another parish CD yesterday – for l’Acadie. I’m hoping to find a bunch of Saurettes in there. Jacques Saurette is buried in l’Acadie, so I hope some others settled down there. I’ll let ya’ll know if the CD is helpful or not.


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