Data Entry Galore

It seems I can chew threw almost an entire day just doing some data entry into my database. I’m going thru the 16 surnames that are common to my ancestry and printing out reports. I then take those reports, see what information I am missing and then fill in the gaps. Not surprisingly, I have a lot of gaps. I spent the day today working on the Roy surname. Turns out that I have three distinct branches of this surname. I don’t think they tie together, but I am checking into that also.

All is right in the football world, too. The Patriots are on their way, again, to win the Super Bowl. It will be most exciting to be actually watching the game in MA.

I spent championship Sunday up in Buffalo and my brother-in-law’s house with his family. I had a great time watching the games and visiting. I don’t do this often, but, Debbie, here is your officialy apology for the Bills comment. 🙂

Ya’ll have a great day. (southern twank left over from my Virginia days)

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