Upgrade of Site is Complete

I finished putting the content into WordPress and now the site is working as I had hoped. With all the links on the righthand side of the screen, I am hoping to make things easier for the casual surfer/browser of the site. The ‘guts’ of the site, that is, my genealogy data, has never really changed.

I did, however, just upgrade phpGedView to the beta version of 4.0. I have not encountered any major problems with that, but you never know with beta software.

Welcome to the new Saurette.com!

Steve Rock

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Steve Rock

I have been doing French-Canadian genealogy for about 14 years. I enjoy doing research for other people who are new to genealogy and want to discover their French-Canadian lineages. Drop me a line at srock@saurette.com and let me give you a hand!

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