Surname Expansions

I bought a couple more CDs of parish marriage records – hoping to add some more information to my database. Tonight, I did some cleaning up in the database. Places that were marked as Ste-Marie were all changed to Marieville, Rouville County (one of the CDs I got). I was able to add some more Bessette individuals using this particular CD.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I added a ton of Desranleau people to the database. There was a shoestring connection with me and I was attempting to help someone out with their research, and I just figured, what the heck, let’s add ’em in. The more people I have, the easier it might be for somebody to find their surname and ancestry.

I have more work to do with the new CDs, but I have made a start. The other CD is for St-Hyacinthe county – that should be a big task.

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I have been doing French-Canadian genealogy for about 14 years. I enjoy doing research for other people who are new to genealogy and want to discover their French-Canadian lineages. Drop me a line at and let me give you a hand!

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  1. Bojour, vous dites avoir obtenue des CDs des mariages de Marieville.
    Je suis à la recherche du mariage de Hyacinthe Benoît et de Marie Guillemette, ils seraient de Ste-Marie de Monnoir de rouville qui serait aujourd,hui Marieville. auriez-vousla gentillesse de me donner un coup de pouce sur ma recherche. Merci à l,avance

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