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Okay, I had to do some fixing today and this was due to an e-mail that I received. It turns out that I had made a mix-up with Desire Morier and his wives. I had him listed as having only 2 wives and his son, also Desire Morier, having 2 waves as well. Upon further review, it turns out that Desire Sr. was married 3 times and his son once. I had the 3rd wife attached to his son. I have since fixed the issue in question and uploaded the database this evening to reflect the changes. I hope this clears things up for some people. This is why I post my work to the web – for people to look at and find problems with. I haven’t done any genealogy in quite some time, and this was a refreshing change for me. Thanks to the e-mailer!

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  1. Just found this site on the net.. well more than a year after it was posted.
    I am researching Caroline Morier, no parents given, married to Desire Lemaitre dit Bellenoix dit Benoit. 1838. However, in documents throughout her marriage she referred to herself as Caroline Thomas, and once as Caroling Paquet. Perhaps she had a warped sense of humour. And in old research notes from a relative, I noticed that she thought that she was Scottish…… I am fascinated by the name Desire in all of this. Perhaps they are all cousins or was there a famous Desire at the time that people named their children in honour of?

  2. Desire Jr (more like Desire II since he had a son Desire also) was married twice–once to Louise Gagnon in 1834 and later to Eleanore Brodeur in 1860.

    And there were a lot of cousins named Desire, but it also was a common name for families originating from Acadia — see

  3. I just added Desire’s second marriage. It had eluded me because most secondary sources has his name listed as Mercier and not Morier. I found it in the Drouin. What I found more interesting was that the woman who he married, Eleonore Brodeur, was the mother-in-law of one of his own kids, Louis. Very strange. Then again, I’ve seen a lot of strange things in the course of doing genealogy.

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