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I hope all my American readers had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did.

I have been busy doing more research and adding that information to my database. As per usual, I am adding source information as I come across it. I have received a copy of Almeric Saurette’s death certificate from the clerk in Chicopee, MA. At some point that will make it onto the site and in Almeric’s section. He is listed as Almeric Laurette. I have seen this before – turning a cursive ‘S’ into an ‘L’. If you have spent any time reading old records, then you know that is a common mistake. Actually, I am amazed there aren’t more mistakes like that.

I have also added a few more parish marriage CDs to my collection which I hope to have in my possession soon. This will help out with some of the side research I have been working on.

If you have a hefty does of French-Canadian ancestry, then you most likely have some female ancestors who were part of the Filles du Roi, the King’s Daughters. You can check that page out on the site and follow a link to a website about them. There’s a great 2 volume set about them by Peter Gagne that is great – provides a ton of information for the women and their families. When I trace a lineage back for someone, one of the things I look for is to see if there are any of these women in their lines. The answer is usually yes.

Thanks for the e-mails and inquiries. I’m doing my best to answer them all as quickly and accurately as I can. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas this year. I know I will.


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