Been a Long Time

Wow, has it really been this long since I did anything on this site? I guess is has been. I have done very little genealogy the past six months. It was kind of odd. I was getting inundated with requests for help and then, poof, all done. I can’t complain. It was nice to have a break. I have been getting more requests for help lately, so I will probably have more new info to upload to the site.

I finally uploaded the newest version of my data today. It isn’t hugely different, but it is the most accurate reflection of what I have to date.

Because WordPress has been upgraded, I have been tinkering around with the site itself to make sure everything still works as designed. So far, so good! So, if you need help, please free to drop me a line.

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Steve Rock

I have been doing French-Canadian genealogy for about 14 years. I enjoy doing research for other people who are new to genealogy and want to discover their French-Canadian lineages. Drop me a line at and let me give you a hand!

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