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It is funny how many things “break” when you do updates on a site. This morning, I finally got all the broken things fixed. For a while, I was wondering why phpGedView wasn’t showing up in google searches, but that has been fixed.

I was on Ancestry.com the past few days and was wondering if I thought it was worth it to continue my subscription there. My genealogy research has tailed off quite a bit the past six months or so. I still have 2 weeks to decide. I do upload my database there simply because a lot of people view it there. I also like how you can link people to sources. That, however, does raise some other questions. 1) What happens if ancestry.com folds? 2) Does it make for sloppy research? and 3) Who controls your data?

I used to think that having my own site for genealogy was redundant – granted that was a long time ago I felt that way. I like being able to have total control over the data and what is displayed. I know the site isn’t going anywhere unless I close it down or just take it offline myself. My site is faster. Ancestry.com can be so painfully slow. I believe it is because they use a lot of flash and other new technologies on their site. It took me a while to browse through another person’s family tree – time I didn’t have an abundance of.

I guess the main reason for using saurette.com is so that I can add my own personal touches and nuances to it. I like to tinker. I like to code. I like to try new things. My site has evolved over the past 5 years. It used to be very different from what it is now, and I have no idea what it’ll look 5 years hence. Know that I will keep working at it and providing French-Canadian genealogy here for people to read about and research. Just send a me an e-mail if you need a push in the right direction with your research.

Steve Rock

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Steve Rock

I have been doing French-Canadian genealogy for about 14 years. I enjoy doing research for other people who are new to genealogy and want to discover their French-Canadian lineages. Drop me a line at srock@saurette.com and let me give you a hand!

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