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I’ve used a few places to order genealogy materials from over the years. One place I use sells parish CDs which contain marriage records. Those CDs have helped me so much over the years. Last week, I ordered a new CD that covers Bellechasse County. This CD will help me flesh out some surnames that I have in my database – even though they aren’t directly related to me.

You might wonder what this has to do with shipping costs. Well, these CDs are simply a .PDF of the book that has been scanned at some point previously. So the way I see it, when you place an order for a CD, all they need to do is burn the CD and ship it out. You can order these records as bound books also, but they point out on their site that there is a lengthy delay for those as they print on demand. I can understand that completely. I don’t understand why they have faster shipping options, which cost more, if they aren’t actually going to get the item out to you within that time frame.

I ordered one CD. I chose 2-3 priority shipping. That CD is a no show so far. It took 2 days to even get a sales receipt confirmation. I’m a patient person, but I don’t think sites should offer expedited shipping on things if they cannot do it. Or at least have a section on your site explaining your shipping practices based on what you order. This happened to me earlier this year when I ordered something, not genealogy related, paid more for quicker shipping and then was told the product wasn’t even in stock. To their credit, that business was great to work with – they ate the shipping cost for me and send out the product as quick as they could.

So, bottom line? I’m very leary now to order things from a smaller operation and pick quicker shipping. The big boys online seem to have no problems, but the little guys need to figure things out better, or at least have it spelled out on the site what they can do with shipping their goods.

I look forward to receiving this CD this week – fingers crossed – so if you have ancestors married in Bellechasse County, drop me a note and I can do some looking up for you. Here’s to a good week.

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