Images, Updates and a Milestone

This is basically just a progress report on what I’ve been up to recently. First off: I am just shy of 20,000 people in my database. I have been doing a lot of data input on one surname right now: Bergeron. More specifically, I have been concentrating on the Bergeon people who were married in Nicolet County, Quebec. I have almost completed those marriages up to 1900. While I haven’t put them all in, I have been collecting the marriages as long as they were descended from Barthelemy Bergeron and Genevieve St. Aubin. I hope to have those uploaded soon.

Also, I have rescanned in some documents I had for better quality. The Almeric Saurette page got some updates as well. I had his death certificate for a long time, but hadn’t scanned it in a while. I finally got that done. Also, his daughter, Marie-Anna‘s page has been updated as well with another copy of her marriage record that just became available to me yesterday.

I will probably head back to finding some Drouin records for that section as well. This seems somewhat urgent to me since the Drouin images were taken down once already by Ancestry. Also on my to-do list is to rerun the descendant reports just in case the information has been changed from the last time. Basically, I’m just trying to keep things current and fresh (for me at least). Look for the new database to be updated to 20,000+ later this week.

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  1. I have lots of info on the Bergerons, one group of whom emigrated from Nicolet to Fall River after the Civil War. How do I send this stuff to you?


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