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So it is now 2013. Huh. That’s really strange to me since I’ve posted very little here of late. Genealogy has sort of fallen off of my radar the past couple years, but I am committed to keeping my information available to those people who stumble across my site. One problem that I’ve run into is this: I used to use an old version of Family Tree Maker. When I upgraded to Windows 7 a while ago, I found out that FTM wouldn’t work on the 64-bit version. Lovely. The solution was to create a virtual machine within Win 7 and run the program that way. It was laborious and not fun to do.

I recently started my system from scratch and have not installed any genealogy software on my computer. I am not sure what I’m going to do at this point. I don’t really like the new FTM software as it relies so heavily on integration with If, however, I ever want to do any mass data input, then I am going to need something so that I can then upload the new information to my site. At this time, I’m just reviewing my options. I haven’t had the itch to do mass data input for a long time, but it would be nice to keep things up to date as I do get new stuff.

I’m also hoping this isn’t my only post for 2013. I’m sure it won’t be, but then again, 2012 had just the one. While it may not seem like I’m around, you can always e-mail directly for help with your own research. I still have all my French-Canadian resources at my disposal and can help out as needed. Until next time (hopefully not 2014) happy geneaology-ing!

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Steve Rock

I have been doing French-Canadian genealogy for about 14 years. I enjoy doing research for other people who are new to genealogy and want to discover their French-Canadian lineages. Drop me a line at and let me give you a hand!

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  1. Hi Steve!
    I’m very impressed with your (past) dedication! 😉 And I’m very fortunate that you’re still offering help to passers-by.

    How I got here: I got a “promo” email from Mocavo and for the umpteenth time I Googled Emilie Therrein on one of their pages. Your site had a couple of hits for her name. Mocavo also displayed the website but wont allow direct copying, so I typed it into Google’s search window. Got here!

    About Emilie: She’s my father’s mother! I’m 82. Catholic, and still trying to get past Emilie, into her ancestors! I know she’s Catholic too but seems to have married a Protestant; probably around 1875, best guess, based on their first child’s year of birth.

    A mixed marriage then seems to have met much more opposition than today, so I’ve accepted the conclusion of others that it was an unregistered marriage. Nice thing though, their whole family was brought up Catholic!

    One of the others is Taj Magruder who’s assisted me greatly in getting to my 1200+ names. Emilie is his GGgrandmother. He and I met on the net a year ago Feb or Mar
    due to our common relatives.

    Emilie’s husband: Arthur Thomas Duggan of the Hamilton and Toronto Duggans of the mid and late 1800’s.
    At this site you’ll get much info about Arthur and the Duggans but precious little about Emilie. I met her at about age 5 but have no recollection of seeing her again.

    About me: Born in Shelter Bay, now Port Cartier, upper St. Lawrence north shore. Joined my two older brothers in Verdun to get English schooling. Lived there about seven years then joined the RCAF to see the world!

    At this age one has to have many fond memories! Certainly including Verdun and Montreal in the ’40’s and 50’s!

    BYT I did a quick look for your list of surnames… haven’t found it yet. Now back to searching your site…

    Thanks Good Buddy!


  2. Hello! Wow, what a great find your site is! Thank you so much for sharing! We have shared lineage from Guillaume Saurette and Appoline Archambault. Marie Regina Saurette is my 2x Great Grandmother. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your information online. It gets quite confusing and seeing your data was a great verifier of my information. Thanks so much,

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