Before the King’s Daughters

The filles a marier (girls to be married) were women who came over before the filles du roi (King’s Daughters) to begin a new life in North America. These single women came over during the time of 1634-1662.

They were not given money or any other kind of incentive to leave Europe. It is from this group that my ancestry on this continent begins and then continues with the influx of the King’s Daughters.

The following women are my direct ancestors who arrived in New France in the early to mid 17th century:

Anne Boyer, Marguerite Breton, Jeanne-Angelique Briere, Marie Chefdeville, Catherine Colin, Anne-Antoinette Deliercourt, Marie Deligny, Jeanne Malteau Derichecourt, Mathurine Desbordes, Marguerite Doucinet, Marie-Madeleine Dubois, Nichole Duchesne, Jeanne Garnier, Elisabeth Gobinet, Jeanne Godard, Catherine Gouget, Jacqueline Lagrange, Marie-Noelle Landeau, Catherine Latour, Marguerite Leboeuf, Louise-Marie Therese Lebreuil, Marie-Denise Lemaitre, Anne Lemoine, Marie Lorgueil, Catherine Lorion, Marguerite Maclin, Catherine Marchand, Jeanne Mechin, Francoise Mery, Francoise Morin, Marie-Francoise Pouponelle, Marie Richard, Jeanne Solde, Madeleine Surget, Jeanne Testard, Jeanne Vigneault

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