More on Dit Names

Here is the extract for Joseph Saurette:

Notice the entry is titled Sauret-Larose. Here’s a great example showing how Larose is a dit name for more than one surname. This screen shot:

was taken from the same register as Joseph’s entry. There aren’t any entries under the Larose heading either – you need to go to the other surnames to find the marriages.

Both Jacques and Jean-Baptiste were married in Chambly. I combined the two into one screen shot:

Also of note is this snippet of information concerning Jacques:

For the three screen shots that are hard to read, you can click on them for a larger version to appear.

I have come to the conclusion that Saurette was the original surname and Larose was taken as a dit name by Jacques while serving in the army. At some point down the line, some individuals, for whatever reasons, dropped the Saurette portion and use Larose which evolved into La Rose as well. I have also seen the name hyphenated in the marriage records, ie Sauret-Larose. I’m very interested in getting input from people about this name issue. I’d love to see any primary document where the name is clearly not Saurette. I am most curious to find out when the name split into the two.