Thank you for showing interest in Whether you landed here by accident or were researching your Quebec ancestors, I appreciate you stopping by my site.

Recently, I have been fielding more and more e-mail from people requesting help or more information. I am happy to provide whatever assistance I am able as time permits me. It has always been my philosophy not to place advertisements on my site. I think they look tacky and detract from the overall reason for why I have my genealogy data online.

If, however, you feel that you have gained new insights into your family lines, broken thru that brick wall you’ve had for years, or have received genealogical research from me, then I would ask that you consider giving a donation of whatever amount you chose. I am able to provide help and conduct research for others by spending my own money to access resources online and for the purchasing of genealogy CDs, books, website hosting, etc. The general function of will remain the same – come and go as you please and copy down whatever information you like – nobody owns the records of the past.

If you don’t feel like donating, then just drop me an e-mail. I always love to hear from other people doing Quebec research. If you do donate, well, then I thank you whole heartedly. What had started out as a small hobby of mine has become a larger project that takes up a fair amount of my spare time.

Thank you again to all the people who visit I appreciate the feedback and e-mail.

Steve Rock

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