Drouin Images

I decided to make a section dedicated to images taken from the Drouin vital records. I plan on including births, deaths, and marriages as I find them (if available). All the records are in script and in French, but they provided me with a wealth of information, including dates, names, and places. It has been a wonderful resource to use at Ancestry.com and I highly recommend it to others. It, however, helps if you know either places or dates – otherwise you’ll spend a long time just looking at page after page of gobbly-gook.

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Births – November 19, 2009 – this section is complete back through my 4th great-grandfathers. Cool.


Marriages – November 19, 2009 – this section is complete now too. I’m on a roll.

I am including, at this point, only people in my direct ancestral lines – otherwise it would just be too many people and way too complicated. More records may follow if this first project goes well.