Fort St-Frederic

Brief History and Location:

* Constructed by the French 1731-1734
* By the mid 1740s the fort was stone
* 1755 – 1st British effort to take the fort fails
* 1756 – 2nd British effort is cancelled after the defeat at Fort Oswego
* 1757 – General Webb fails to make further inrodes towards the fort
* 1758 – General Abercromby assaults the fort and is easily repulsed
* 1759 – General Amherst takes the fort, but not before the French do their best to destroy it. Amherst renames Fort St. Frederic Crown Point.
* 1775 – Crown Point is captured in May by Americans during the Revolutionary War.

MapFort St. Frederic was located at the southern end of Lake Champlain. Situated on a peninsula called Crown Point, the fort was intended to protect the southern portions of New France from Great Britain’s expansion. Some of my family’s history takes place at or near the fort. By 1759, however, the British took control and then my ancestors were born a lot further north and in Canada-proper.