Isaac 1797-1884

Isaac was born April 25, 1797 in l’Acadie, Quebec, Canada to Joseph Oligny and Marie-Therese Gabouriau. He married Clotilde Beauvais on February 26, 1821 in St-Constant, Laprairie County, Quebec, Canada. Isaac died September 8, 1884 in St-Remi, Napierville County, Quebec.

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Isaac and his wife had at least 9 children and it is from these children that the Oligny family size continued to see a lot of growth. Isaac, himself, was one of at least 9 children.

Here is Isaac and his family, living in St-Remi, according to the 1861 Canadian Census.

According the the Canadian census of 1881, Isaac was living with his wife Clotilde in St-Remi. An even more interesting piece of information obtained showed that Isaac fought for Canada during the War of 1812 at the young age of only 14. According to the document I located, militia veterans who were still alive in 1875 were each given gratuities of twenty dollars. The list of the 63 veterans who received this money was published in the “Bulletin des recherches historiques” in 1953. An interesting note is that Isaac is listed as Isaac Oligny-Hauvergnac. I’ll need to look that name up and see where it came from. Thanks to Michael Robert for putting this information on the web.

Now, what was Canada doing fighting in the War of 1812 you ask? Canada was still a British possession at that time and not a sovereign nation. When fighting broke out between the United States and Great Britain, one of the objectives of the U.S. was to conquer parts of Canada as a way of getting the British out of North America. That, of course, did not happen. Multiple invasions of Canada failed and Isaac must have been somewhere in the mix!