Jean-Baptiste 1723-1810

Jean Baptiste was born in 1723 in St-Mathurin de Leobazel, Correze, Limousin, France to Jean Oligny and Jeannette Balle. He married Marie-Francoise Moitie Lafonderie on February 18, 1759 in Dipeut, Recollet, Canada. He died January 10, 1810 in St-Luc, Quebec, Canada, and I assume he is buried there as well.

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The Oligny line came to North America in 1759 starting with Jean-Baptiste Oligny – my 6th great-grandfather. The Oligny line splits later on and one branch heads out to the Wisconsin area where some of the names were changed to Olena. I’ll be dealing with my Oligny ancestors who settled in New England.

Here is some information on Marie Francoise that was provided to me by a fellow relative. She was born November 9, 1742 at Fort St. Frederic (Crown Point, NY today) and grew up there during the French and Indian War. At about age 13 Marie Francoise signed a marriage bond to Pierre Robineau of Beconcour, a lieutenant. This was officiated by Father Didace Cliche, Chaplain, December 6, 1755. Pierre is assumed killed in the war and so Marie Francoise goes on to marry Jean-Baptiste Oligny in 1759 with the ceremony performed by Father Antoine Deperet.

As you, the reader, may have gathered by now, there is not a lot of anecdotal evidence to go along with the facts as I know them. I do know that there are still Olignys in the St-Remi area, but how they are related to me is not known to me at this point in time.