The only information I have on Jean, who never left France, was that he married Jeannette Balle in St. Marthurin, Limousin, France.

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I am including Jean and his wife, Jeannette, mainly for completion’s sake. They never left Europe, but since they fathered Jean-Baptiste who was my first Oligny relative to come to North America, I felt it was necessary to include them despite the woeful lack of information concerning them. They most likely had more than one child. My guess would be that if they did have more children, that they stayed in France or went elsewhere in the world.

As you, the reader, may have gathered by now, there is not a lot of anecdotal evidence to go along with the facts as I know them. I do know that there are still Olignys in the St-Remi area, but how they are related to me is not known to me at this point in time.