Joseph 1766-????

Joseph was born January 6, 1766 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada to Jean-Baptiste Oligny and Marie-Francoise Moitie Lafonderie. He married Marie-Therese Gabouriau on November 06, 1792 in St Joseph, Chambly, Quebec, Canada. Thus far, there is no information on his death and burial.

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There is not a lot of information that I have uncovered about the early Oligny ancestors. I do know that Joseph was a farmer and that he came from a rather large family with numerous sibling.

As you, the reader, may have gathered by now, there is not a lot of anecdotal evidence to go along with the facts as I know them. I do know that there are still Olignys in the St-Remi area, but how they are related to me is not known to me at this point in time.