Oligny Ancestry

My Oligny ancestors came to Canada in 1759 from France. Jean-Baptiste, my 6th great-grandfather was the first in my lineage to make the trans-Atlantic crossing from Europe to begin a new life in North America.

According to my great-grandfather’s, Joseph Philorum, declaration of intention for naturalization, his family arrived at St. Albans, Vermont on September 15, 1891 from Quebec, Canada. He was only two years old at the time, so we can safely assume that his parents, Philorum and Marie-Azilda Bessette, came into America at that time as well.

It was a struggle to research this lineage, but I have now amassed quite a lot of information on this family line, which was unknown to the family until recently.

Joseph was my great-grandfather. Very little was known about this individual until a few years ago when I decided to try and unravel the mystery of the Oligny line in my family. Nobody in my family knew much about him except that he abandoned his two young children and his wife early in their marriage.

Thru my own extensive research and many trips to Massachusetts, I have been able to shed some light on Joseph and, by extension, the rest of the Oligny line.

I have completed write ups for the Oligny men who are my direct ancestors. Some have a lot of information, while others are not so in depth. The first person to read about is my great-grandfather, Joseph.

To learn about other people you will read about in this section, please browse the Webtrees database. There you can learn about the spouses of the Oligny family along with countless thousands of others.

To view or download an ancestor report, in PDF format, starting with my grandfather, click here.

Check out findingfolks.com as it has a lot of Oligny information – especially on the Mid-West Oligny lines. Thanks to Shirley for all the hard work.