Canadian Census of 1901

There is a group that has been going thru the Canadian Census of 1901 and making the data available in a searchable format. Fortunately for me, they have done Rouville County. I found Almeric’s whole family plus his own parents all in one census image. Below is the actual image from the census. I cropped out this part just so you could see the names and dates born.

The people listed are: Almeric, Alida (wife), Maria, Alberic, Ana, Alice, Aurore, Aline, Evelina, Guillaume and Elmire (Almeric’s parents).

It would only be 6 more years before Almeric and his family would head to the United States. It appears that his parents both stayed behind in Canada.

Clicking on the image will make it double in size so that you can read the names and also the date of births for all those visible.