Guillaume 1806-1882

Guillaume was born September 15, 1806 in the town of St-Jean-Baptiste, of Quebec, Canada. He was the son of Joseph Saurette and Marguerite Marotte dite Labonte. He married Apolline Archambault January 16, 1827 in St-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville, Quebec, Canada. Guillaume died March 22, 1882, in St-Jean-Baptiste.

View Guillaume’s family report here.

Take a look at the marriage certificate as recorded in the parish of Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

Guillaume Saurette, the elder, was very prolific as far as number of children that he fathered. As mentioned above, his first marriage to Apolline lasted a brief 10 years. That proved to be no roadblock to Guillaume – he married another 3 times over his lifetime. Guillaume was just unlucky in love – his first three wives all made him a widower. He did have offspring with them, however.

If you are interested in all of the descendants of Guillaume with all his wives, then take a look at this report. I included only two generations in the report for ease of viewing. The Saurette name owes a lot to Guillaume – he single-handedly grew the population by quite a large amount.

Here is the image of Guillaume’s listing in the 1851 Canadian Census.

Here is the image of Guillaume’s listing in the 1871 Canadian Census.

Also of note, is this extract taken from the 1881 Canadian Census:

If you want to see the above written in long-hand, this is the image for you.

Of note I: One of Guillaume’s grandson’s, Joseph-Adolphe, went into the priesthood. Joseph-Adolphe was Almeric’s (my great-great grandfather) 1st cousin. View a picture of Joseph-Adolphe along with his obituary.

Of note II: This page will show an image of 6 of Guillaume’s children, one of his grandchildren and a grandson-in-law.