Saurette Ancestry

The Saurette family was very easy to research, mainly due to the fact of an existing document that already had the family traced back to the first Saurette who arrived in Canada. Thank you to my aunt who provided this document. I learned a lot of French in the process of translating this document. For the sake of clarity, I am going to use Saurette as the spelling of choice. Other variations on the name include Sorette, Soret, and Saurette-Larose. Please take a look at this page for a discussion about the Saurette dit Larose name.

The first Saurette of relation to come to Quebec, Canada was Jacques. He arrived in 1741 and was a soldier who served at Fort Chambly. Please note that the narrative for my individual Saurette ancestors is sparse and lacks a lot of detail. I hope to change that by visiting the town of St-Jean-Baptiste and the surrounding areas sometime in the not-too-distant future.

My great-great grandfather, Almeric Saurette, was the first in that line to immigrate to America from Canada. Shortly after this, the Saurette and Oligny lines became one.

To begin learning about my Saurette family, please head over to my great-grandmother’s, Marie-Anna, page. You can then click on her father to go back one more generation and then repeat that until you are back in France!

To learn about other people you will read about in this section, please browse the Webtrees database. There you can learn about the spouses of the Saurette family along with countless thousands of others.

To view or download an ancestor report, in PDF format, starting with my grandfather, click here.