WordPress Upgrade

I have just completed the upgrade to WordPress 2.5. Everything seems to be working as it did before, but there might be the occasional glitch here and there. If anybody runs into any problems, please let me know via email.

I had uploaded the newest iteration of my data recently. It contains some more expanded information on a few surnames, but no new Saurette and Oligny information. I have been trying to do some work via Ancestry.com but have had issues with using some of their databases. Bother.

New Primary Source

I was perusing Ancestry.com today and came across a neat document that I have added onto the site. I have a document that shows Almeric Saurette’s family listed on a manifest for entry into the United States. I knew that they came into this country from Quebec in December of 1907, but I didn’t have any other information about that.

Well, now I have it. You can access the new information directly off of Almeric’s Page or take the quick-n-easy way here.