Thanks to the Visitors

To everybody that has visited I would like to say thanks. Not only do you help me open up new avenues to explore, but you also append/correct and add your own valuable genealogy information to this site.

The past couple days I have been adding a slew of information as it relates to the Mallet/Maillet surname. There are many deviant spelling variations, so if you can’t find it under one, try another. This research stemmed from an e-mailer who was trying to figure out a connection with somebody who was in my tree, an Oligny. We cleared up that mystery and I decided to add as much of the Mallet surname as I could verify to my database – which was uploaded today.

Be sure to check out the new information in either phpGedView or Retrospect-GDS – it all depends on how you like your information presented to you. And, as always, keep on keeping in touch with me – it keeps me motivated to stay current and keep documenting the database. Cheers, all.

Steve Rock

WordPress Upgrade

I have just completed the upgrade to WordPress 2.5. Everything seems to be working as it did before, but there might be the occasional glitch here and there. If anybody runs into any problems, please let me know via email.

I had uploaded the newest iteration of my data recently. It contains some more expanded information on a few surnames, but no new Saurette and Oligny information. I have been trying to do some work via but have had issues with using some of their databases. Bother.

Completely Searchable

One downside with using WordPress for my genealogy was the poor search function. You could search on the site, but you would only get results if they were in posts – not pages. Well, I use pages as the main way to post information about my Saurette and Oligny forebears. I have fixed this issue.

With the help of a plugin, you can now type whatever you want in the search box and it will bring up results from posts and pages thus making the site a lot more useful. Note, it only searches WordPress stuff. If you want to search in phpGedView or Retrospect, then you need to visit those pages and do the searches there.

I have also been making redirects for my old .html pages which no longer exist. I used to do all the site coding by hand until I moved to the WordPress platform, but some search results are still popping up the old links. Now, you should be redirect to the corresponding page in WordPress (if it has one).

I also uploaded the database with some new data and more corrections. Thanks for all the people who have e-mailed me. I do enjoy keeping the site up and running.

Plugging Away

I have uploaded yet another revised database today. I have done some clean up work with the data and some more verifications with the Drouin images at

On the site, itself, you will find an expanded Drouin area that has been updated today. I added a bunch of images on the Saurette side and a couple on the Oligny side. I’m gonna take a break on that for today, but it has been nice to get some new material uploaded. As always, feel free to drop a note to me.