1851 Canadian Census

I have been busy looking thru the scanned in images of from the Canadian Census of 1851. You cannot search by surname, but only by location. I scanned thru the St-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville, Quebec section looking for some Saurette people. I did find some and now I am putting the information together and making sure it all matches up with what else is know.

I should have some information to post in the next few days relating to the Saurette side. I am going to try and find some Oligny names too, but I have not been able to find St-Remi in the database. Stay tuned for images and my comments.

More Oligny Information

It usually takes a spark from some other place to get the genealogy juices flowing again. This time, that credit goes to Monica – a newfound cousin of mine. In doing some research on one of her surnames, I decided to finally plow thru some parish records and record any new Oligny information. I went thru the St-Remi records that I have and found a bunch of new stuff that is now in the database.

The Oligny descendant report that was 10 pages long is now 12 pages long. You can check that out here, if you like.

I have uploaded the database twice today to reflect the most recent activity that has taken place. I have a feeling that if I were to travel up to St-Remi today, that there would still be plenty of Oligny’s there who are my relatives. Oh, the joy of genealogy.